Scorpio Horoscope

All About Scorpio: October 23-November 22

Symbol: The Scorpion

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Pluto — the planet of power and regeneration

Body Part: Crotch, reproductive organs

Good Day: Magnetic, passionate, loyal, protective, trendsetting, brave

Bad Day: Obsessive, possessive, jealous, secretive, vengeful, manipulative

Favorite Things: Underground music, spicy food, an air of danger, one-of-a-kind objects, wireless devices, organic ingredients, vinyl

What You Hate: Simple-minded people, insincere flattery, personal questions, living at someone else’s house

Secret Wish: To have complete and total control

How to Spot Them: Intense eyes, a hawk-like gaze, smooth movements

Where You’ll Find Them: In the studio producing a platinum album, sitting at the corner table of an underground bar, taking things apart and figuring how to put them back together again