Full Moon in Sagittarius 3rd, 4th June 2023 Conjuncts "The Great Attractor"

Kerrie Hourigan

6/3/20231 min read

The Full Moon in Sagittarius will be happening at 13° 18’ in conjunction with "The Great Attractor" on 3rd, 4th June 2023 depending on your location. This is a Powerful Full Moon and The Great Attractor signifies the continual push for our evolution and growth letting go of what no longer serves us. Great intensity continues throughout 2023 as we move through the greatest transition humans beings have faced as we move closer to the new age of Aquarius.

Take great care of yourself and be well-managed in all areas.

To see where this specifically relates to you look to the house (life area) this will be transiting in your own chart along with the other transits mentioned.

In this episode I cover the intensity of this Full Moon in Sagittarius together with The Great Attractor and the impact on us all as individuals and the human family. Through Sagittarius we are inspired to go beyond the known expanding our knowledge with higher learning, travel whether thats is physically going or through our mind. We are much more than we have been told! Like all things there is the healthy expression and the shadow of all these placements. Once known we can choose for the best outcome and be more aware of the consequences.

The Shadow of Sagittarius can be opinionated with brutal directness that can be hurtful to others, and the "know it all" trying to convince and convert another to their own opinion therefore one must always consider the consequences of one's actions.

Check to see where these planets are transiting in your own chart with links to additional resources below:

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Disclaimer: Please note these are general comments to help understand these energies better and may apply differently to ones own individual circumstances.