New Moon in Cancer 17th, 18th July 2023:

Time to Embrace Change for Your Highest Potential


Kerrie Hourigan

7/7/20231 min read

The New Moon in Cancer will be happening at 24° 56’ on July 17th or 18th 2023, depending on your location.

New Moons are powerful signifying a new beginnings and a new cycle, so it is very important to remember to set your intention to ride the new cycle! To see where this specifically relates to you, look to the house (life area) this will be transiting in your own chart along with the other transits mentioned.

Covered in this episode is the meaning of the sign of Cancer, the Moon itself, the New Moon in Cancer, the Lunar Nodes shifting signs, as well as the New Moon's squaring to Pluto in Capricorn at 29 degrees as well as the Lunar Nodes. The cardinal axis will be initiated with the Lunar Nodes shifting signs to the North Node in Aries, South Node in Libra and New Moon in Cancer and Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn.

How the astrology is aligning with the exposure of corruption by ex-politicians and the rich, and powerful.

The Archetype of Cancer is kind, compassionate, sympathetic, nurturing and can feel another's pain. We must remember to give all that Cancer offers to ourselves. We become aware of the need for emotional processing, our EGO or subjective filter, emotional attachments, emotions of safety and security. Cancer/Moon is linked to mother, nurturing, maturation and development, family, the past and our inner child.

The Shadow of Cancer can be expressed as overly sensitive, touchy, moody, irrational and emotionally reactive. It is recommended to give a wide birth to the person experiencing an emotional reaction, allow emotions to fully subside so communication can be peaceful. Avoid telling them to calm down or relax or a tsunami of emotion will come crashing down.

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