Super Full Moon in Capricorn 3rd July 2023: Reflect on What No Longer Serves You and Let it Go!


6/26/20231 min read

The SUPER Full Moon in Capricorn will be happening at 13° 18’ in conjunction with The Great Attractor on 3rd, 4th June 2023 depending on your location. Check to see where this is happening in your own chart.

Full moons signify a completion, culmination or a time of harvest. A point of fulfilment or ending and release. Emotions always run high around full moons and can intensify in a SUPER full moon due to the close proximity of the Moon to the Earth.

Capricorn sends us inward to our internal world aligning us with boundaries, limitations, discipline and responsibility such as being accountable for our actions where we connect with our inner father or inner authority.

Capricorn makes us aware of our mortality and the realisation our time is limited here on earth therefore we learn emotional maturity. Capricorn helps us to be objective and view things from a higher perspective to gain knowledge and wisdom. The

Shadow of Capricorn expresses as suppression, repression and depression. Depression is from reflecting on what isn’t working in our life. This reflection sends us within to look at what isn’t working anymore and we become more aware of what needs to change....and of course when life becomes too difficult it is highly recommended to seek a professional councilor.

Check to see where these planets are transiting in your own chart with links to additional resources below:

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